Studio apartment in Athens, Athens studios.

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Apartments in Athens have a 8,42 out of 10 point rating based on 104 opinions.

Ideal spots for relaxation, the Athens studio apartments are focused on single guests and couples who visit the Greek capital. Presented with style and featuring wonderful set of amenities, the small flat cheap accommodation in Athens is characterized with perfectly organized interior, furnished in a way to make every visitor feel cozy and at home. When one decides to stay in small flat, one pays cheap holiday accommodation in Athens and gets central location, close to all historic sites, the cultural venues and the traditional tavernas. Thus studio apartment accommodation in Athens that we feature on this website could serve as a good base for sightseeing, making business and exploring the citys wonders. Online, secure and direct, the process of booking accommodation in studio apartment in Athens takes just couple of minutes.

Studio apartment accommodation in Athens. Book budget accommodation and stay in small flat in Athens. Cheap Athens studio accommodation.

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from: 61 €
9/10 stars
Arkadias Studio
Mikhail, Russia
Да, я получил огромное удовольствие от "пребывания" в Афинах. И конечно, огромную роль в этом сыграл владелец студио Manos. Внимательнейший человек, помогал во всем. Квартира хорошая. Кухня нашпигована оборудованием и посудой. В комнате кроме ТВ можно смотреть фильмы на DVD, которые услужливо предлагает Manos. Место оживленное. До центра 3 км - по московским меркам ничто. Рядом автобусы, троллейбусы, метро. И много мест, где можно пообедать или перекусить. Спасибо.
from: 41 €
9/10 stars
from: N/A
from: 35 €
from: N/A
from: N/A
from: 29 €
from: N/A
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