3 - 5 Bedroom apartments - Dublin.

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Apartments in Dublin have a 8,21 out of 10 point rating based on 165 opinions.

Fine interior, spacious premises, warm colors and pleasant home-like atmosphere are some of the characteristics of the Dublin 3/4/5 bedroom apartments that we present on this website. Ideal accommodation for groups, friends on a budget and big families with more than two kids, the many bedroom apartment rental in Dublin has all the facilities required for a guest to feel comfortable, plus privacy, which is not always possible in the hotel rooms. Every 3/4/5 bedroom apartment in Dublin presented on the website has underwent a special selection and one of its key factors was the central address, giving the visitor direct access to all landmarks, cultural venues, entertainment, dining and shopping spots. Those who plan a visit and want to reserve vacation accommodation for larger groups and families with children, ought to check the availabilities.

3 bedroom vacation apartment rental Dublin. Vacation accommodation in large apartments in Dublin. Accommodation for tourist and Business groups in Dublin.

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8/10 stars
Baggot Rath 3
Asma, France
séjour agréable, RAS
Baggot Rath 3
bernard, Ireland
J'ai loué cetappartement avec 4 personnes de ma famille .toutes les personnes qui était avec moi ont trouvé l'appartment magnifique , très grand,très bien équipé, très bien situé.Si vous cherchez un grand appartement à Dublin , celui-ci est parfait.
Baggot Rath 3
Pawel , Poland
very nice, big, clean, modern apartment in perfectly peaceful area, near down-town, railway station
Baggot Rath 3
Sindy, Germany
Nice apartment with good connections to public transportation.
from: 288 €
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