One bedroom apartment Rome, One room accommodation Rome.

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Apartments in Rome have a 8,13 out of 10 point rating based on 4594 opinions.

Exceptional bedrooms, generous lounge zones and perfectly arranged kitchens are to be found in each of the Rome 1 bedroom apartments on our website. Suitable to welcome in style colleagues and families, the small apartment vacation accommodation further tempts with reasonable price. The one bedroom apartments for rent are also providing cheap holiday accommodation for couples that crave for a romantic getaway in the capital of Italy. The presented 1 bedroom apartment accommodation in Rome is a superb match of coziness, privacy and full extras, plus central city location. When the traveler decides to stay in one bedroom apartment in Rome, one is in close proximity to all main landmarks, fine restaurants and squares. The cheap apartment stay in Rome could be booked immediately by filling the reservation form placed here.

One bedroom apartment accommodation in Rome. Cheap Rome accommodation in small apartment. Book one room and get cheap apartment rental in Rome.

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CR298 - Colosseo / Via Urbana
Brian, United Kingdom
Our second visit to this apartment was for its location. Via Urbana is a semi pedestrian street, quiet yet interesting mix of residential and business activity, with everything necessary close by. Many attractions within walking distance and the underground station at the bottom of the street. We could easily imagine living in this apartment. A good supply of books in several langiuages and CD's, excellent WiFi connection.
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