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Apartments in Amsterdam have a 7,95 out of 10 point rating based on 950 opinions.

An introduction to Amsterdam

Conjure up an image of Amsterdam in your mind's eye and you'll probably see a collage of canals, windmills and tulips. And it's little wonder, as these are some of the things that this attractive city is indeed well known for. However, there's far more to the Dutch capital than these stereotypes. Read on to get a greater taste for this historic city.


Amsterdam in brief

Amsterdam is located in the west of The Netherlands, in the province of North Holland. More than 800,000 people live in the city of Amsterdam, rising to more than 2.3 million in the greater metropolitan area. In addition to those living in Amsterdam, the city also welcomes over 4.63 million international visitors each year. A significant proportion of accommodation is comprised of four and five-star hotels, meaning that travellers on a budget are often better off finding a holiday apartment in Amsterdam.

What not to miss

Visitors to the Dutch capital are spoilt for choice when it comes to things to do. Here is a sample of Amsterdam's main attractions:

The Rijksmuseum - This national museum in Amsterdam South focuses on art and history and features approximately 8,000 individual objects, some of which date back to the 13th century, when Amsterdam was little more than a fishing village. The museum's main building recently reopened following a ten-year renovation project costing EUR 375 million.

Anne Frank House - Few people have not heard of Anne Frank and her family's hiding place during the Second World War. The tiny hidden rooms at the rear of a building on the Prinsengracht canal have been turned into a poignant museum, which serves to highlight the confined space in which the Jewish diarist and her family remained hidden for more than two years until their arrest.

Amsterdam's canals - The city's beautiful canal network is best enjoyed from the water. Visitors to the city can float along the famous waterways at all times of the day and well into the night. Everything is on offer, from simple guided tours to evening cruises complete with three-course dinners and cocktails. There can be no better way to get your bearings.

Red light district - Amsterdam's red light district is a major tourist trap. Most visit the city's oldest neighbourhood out of simple curiosity and one of the best ways to see the district is to join a guided tour. This is likely to take in the city's oldest parish church, Oude Kerk, along with several infamous red light windows and the Amsterdam Sex Museum.

How to get to the city

Amsterdam is an extremely easy city to visit. Schiphol International Airport is close to the city centre and visitors can take an inexpensive direct rail link from the airport to Amsterdam's central station.

When to go

Tourists tend to prefer the months between April and October, with the best weather occurring in July and August. The Dutch tulip season is particularly popular, with the famous Keukenhof Gardens - the largest flower garden in the world - opening in late March.

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