3 - 5 Bedroom apartments - Gdansk.

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Apartments in Gdansk have a 8,67 out of 10 point rating based on 213 opinions.

Are you in search of a spacious accommodation for groups and big families? Check our portfolio of Gdansk 3/4/5 bedroom apartments and you will be pleasantly surprised. Nested in the finest neighborhoods of the city, the many bedroom apartment rental in Gdansk is providing an elegant combination of spacious premises, comfortable interior, plus nice decoration and full extras. The amenities that are coming with our 3/4/5 bedroom apartments in Gdansk include many facilities such as Internet connection, cooking facilities, etc. arranged to suit the taste of the visitors and to guarantee their pleasant stay. Located in the downtown zone, these vacation flats for many guests are near the main landmarks and some great dining options. In order to book holiday accommodation for large groups and people with children, see the availabilies and reserve your stay.

3 bedroom vacation apartment rental Gdansk. Vacation accommodation in large apartments in Gdansk. Accommodation for tourist and Business groups in Gdansk.

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8/10 stars
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8/10 stars
Frankio Charles, Finland
The stay was really comfortable and the apartment was neatly maintained, We felt like home ! There were excellent HD Television connection and high Speed Internet Connection. The place was also not far from city and sopot beach ! Through taxi, it would cost 20 Polish currency to Airport and 50 to Sopot beach, which is not costly either
Tri , Norway
The stay was nice, friendly people in the neighbourhood. The apartment was clean, toilet and kitchen. Wifi connection works fine. The adress was the downside. Almost every taxi needed a gps, and the price was abit stiff from gdansk centrum to the apartment. 15+ min away from sopot/gdansk centrum. Almost impossible to pronounce the adress name. We had to ask neighbours about ordering taxi.
7/10 stars
Szafarnia Exclusive
Heidrun, Germany
The location is good, 10 min walk into the city. There is enough space for five people to sleep. Be aware: there is only one bathroom!
Szafarnia Exclusive
Ulla, Finland
Nice and quite large fully furnished apartment in near old town. Beautiful view over old town. Positive.
Szafarnia Exclusive
Juan Antonio, Spain
La localización muy buena y el apartamento cumplía con las expectativas, aunque algunos aspectos son mejorables como la información previa a la llegada, la previsión de problemas generados por otros clientes y la falta de detalle de bienvenida en un apartamento de estas caracteristicas
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