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Apartments in Stockholm have a 7,76 out of 10 point rating based on 23 opinions.

Positioned between the Baltic Sea and the Malaren Lake, the capital of Sweden Stockholm is a city with picturesque nature, snowy winter and long mild summer. Which ever season you decide to come to the city, make sure to arrange your Stockholm accommodation in advance to the take the Stockholm apartment of your best liking and pay for it a reasonable price.


The Stockholm apartments on our list are centrally positioned, which makes them ideal bases for visiting museums, galleries and places of interest. Our Stockholm lodgings are particularly close to the Royal Palace and the Palace Drottningholm, the City Hall and the Public Library, the Old Town Gamla Stan, etc.

Other sites such as the Klara Kyrka, the Riddarholmen Church, the Adolf Frederiks Kyrka, as well as the Vasa Museum, the Museum of History, the Nobel Museum, the Butterfly Museum and the Dance Museum are also close to our Stockholm accomodation. The city is a great place to explore on foot, while enjoying the beautiful vistas. Dining out is pleasant and not that expensive.Cozy restaurants and cafes are available close to each one of the apartments in Stockholm that we have.

When to make a reservation for our accommodation in Stockholm

The capital of Sweden is always full of tourists thanks to its cosmopolitan feel and plethora of sights. Thus, if you are to get the apartment in Stockholm of your best liking, try to organize the booking in advance. Here on this website, you can come across tempting options for a Stockholm apartment rent and accommodation cheap in price. Do not forget that Stockholm is a beach holiday destination and a music centre with plenty of concerts and fests as well, so good timing for Stockholm apartments rent is crucial.

Stunning in the sunlight and gorgeous at night, Stockholm annually attracts thousands of visitors who appreciate its architectural diversity and sophisticated atmosphere. An interesting curiosity is the city’s location – it lies on 14 islands of the Stockholm archipelago with Sodermalm being the central one. This is the Sodermalm island where the historical centre, Galma Stan, is located. It is a distinctive feature of the city’s inhabitants to pay great attention to the aesthetic value of their home city. With its renowned, respectful attitude towards the issue of environment protection and cleanness they have managed to preserve the Old Town almost untouched and transform the bustling and rapidly developing city into an oasis of unpolluted air and tidy streets.

Sight seeing in such a friendly environment will be sheer pleasure. Especially that the city has a lot to offer. The Old Town pleases the eye with its perfect palaces while the Woodland Cemetery, Skogskyrkogarden, will be the source of your constant awe. The Church of Riddarholmen is the oldest building which dates back to the 13th century and hides under its roof the tombs of Swedish kings while the district of Kungsholmen allows you to roam through its large paradise-like parks.

It is not right to claim that Sockholm is mainly a bussiness metropoly hosting premises of many multinational corporations: it is also an intriguing cultural spot. The city boasts great number of restaurants and cafes whose fame has spread beyond the borders of Sweden. All year long, you are welcomed to visit the theatres and operas of Stockholm or venture into one of the multiple museums the city is known for, among them the Museum of Modern Arts hosting the works of Picasso and Dali.

Having in mind the city’s unique location, to find accommodation which is in the centre is crucial to appreciate your stay in Stockholm fully. The apartments we offer give you this comfort. What is more, the functionally furnished and well equipped flats will make you feel relaxed when you come back from an exciting whole-day sightseeing trip around the city.

All Stockholm apartments are available for online booking for the convenience of the travelers and direct reservation.

All our online apartments are sold out. We have other apartments in our system but we need to check availability before getting back to you. Please submit your details here:
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7/10 stars
Régine, France
We liked the location (very conveniently close to underground station). The apartment is small (very tiny shower room). However, the kitchen is poorly equipped (no wooden spoon - small plates only..)which makes it real hard when you want to do real cooking !
from: N/A
8/10 stars
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