One bedroom apartment London, One room accommodation London.

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Apartments in London have a 8.11 out of 10 point rating based on 6411 opinions.

The one bedroom apartment accommodation in London provides a stunning combination of elegant design, comfort, extras and special amenities. This small apartment vacation accommodation is designed to suit even the most refined taste and is usually reserved by single travelers, business people and couples. Every single London 1 bedroom apartment is beautifully arranged and tastefully furnished, providing comfortable layout. The cheap holiday accommodation for couples features well-presented kitchen zone, sun-kissed lounge room and spacious bedroom. The central city address of the offered cheap apartment stay in London guarantees close proximity to the historical sites and commercial zones, administrative buildings and business centers. If you want to stay in 1 bedroom apartment in London, simply pick a unit and make a reservation.

One bedroom apartment accommodation in London. Cheap London accommodation in small apartment. Book one room and get cheap apartment rental in London.

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7/10 stars
[LBO] Borough Road 9 1B
JOHN, United Kingdom
Well equipped. Bed was comfortable. Liked the idea of a separate loo and wash basin in addition to the normal main bathroom.
[LBO] Borough Road 9 1B
Sharon, United Kingdom
Apartemnt was roomy and airy with good light
[LBO] Borough Road 9 1B
Steve, United States
Great apt. near major roads near the south bank in London. Conveniently located near shopping, bus line and two underground stations. The kitchen was well equipped. Security was great. All in all a wonderful place to stay.
[LBO] Borough Road 9 1B
Jan Bukh, Denmark
Super fin lejlighed, funktionel og ren. Dig manglede der information om, ar lejlugheden lå klods op ad en jernbanebro hvor der kører tog fra tidlig morgen.
[LBO] Borough Road 9 1B
Nataša, Slovenia
It was spacious, clean, close to the center and with nice interior design solutions.
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6/10 stars
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