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Jerusalem is a very interesting city which has many faces ' it is a modern capital, a home to three religions and the largest city in Israel, factors that make it a unique place and a tempting tourist destination. To offer the best in Jerusalem accommodation and welcome the travelers in style and comfort, our team has selected fabulous Jerusalem apartments, set close to the places that have to be visited.


Our Jerusalem apartment units are set both in the old neighborhoods that are quite picturesque and in the modern district of the city with the high office and residential buildings, giving the traveler the option to make a choice of our Jerusalem lodging.

The main districts in the city are the historical centre Old City, the West Jerusalem where is the modern district and the commercial centre, the East Jerusalem where lives the Arab population, the ultra-Orthodox Me'a Shearim, the West Jerusalem where are set many nice restaurants and cafes, the secluded village-like district Ein Kerem with the olive and cypress trees and the industrial and commercial area Talpiot.Whichever of the apartments in Jerusalem the traveler chooses, one will be close to the tourist sights which include the Israel Museum, the Holocost Museum Yad Vashem, the Biblican Zoo, etc. If possible however, try to reserve apartment in Jerusalem, which is as close to the Old City as possible, as there are set the Temple Mount, the Al-Aqsa-Mosque, the Jewish Quarter and the Qubbat Al-Sakhra.

Jerusalem apartment rent: why choose us

There are many sleeping options in this city, but if the visitor is into a comfortable, central and secure holiday home, one should select from the Jerusalem apartments rent available on our website. The Jerusalem accomodation we offer is organized with style and attention to each details, so that our clients be happy and return to our services.

Jerusalem is Israel's capital city, as well as its largest city, with an area measuring 49 square miles and a population of 733,000 residents. It's situated between the northern point of the Dead Sea and the Mediterranean Sea in the Judean Mountains. Its history stretches back to the 4th millennium BC, and it is among the world's oldest cities. Since the 10th Century BC, the city has been the most sacred city in Judaism and the Jewish people's spiritual center. Jerusalem also contains various important Christian sites as well, as being Islam's third most sacred city.

All Jerusalem apartments are available for online booking for the convenience of the travelers and direct reservation.

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