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Interesting to be mentioned are the Lummus Park Beach and the Haulover Beach Park. The resort offers to the tourists excellent choice of seafood restaurants, which are positioned on the beach and vibrant nightclubs set around the South Beach and the Coconut Grove, all not far from the Miami lodging available here.The season goes from November to February and thus in order to get the finest apartments in Miami, our guests have to contact us well before the travel.


I want a perfectly serviced apartment in Miami. Where to start from

If you are already reading this then you are at the right place for Miami rent apartment. All rent apartments in Miami that we present are decorated with style and equipped with the facilities a traveler might need during one's vacation. The Miami apartment rental is affordable, especially if the guest is coming with one's family or with several friends. When shared, the price is just right and is far below the hotel prices.

Apartment accommodation in Miami

You are looking forward to your trip to the city of Miami, but there are many things to be arranged beforehand and you know it. If you have been organising your weekend break or a holiday stay in this city before or in other destinations worldwide, you most probably know that among the most important things to be arranged besides the transport, is the Miami accommodation. The first thing to choose from is whether this would be a Miami accommodation apartment, a hotel in Miami or one of the hostels in Miami. Each of these options for holiday accommodation in Miami are to be considered carefully, so that you can make the right choice when it comes to your holiday stay and your specific needs and requirements. As you know a stay at one of the hotels in Miami could turn out to be quite an expensive option, while even a short stay at a hostel could be quite stressful due to the many young and noisy people there. Thus, if you are still wondering where to stay in Miami, you can look for affordable apartments, suitable for a short-term or a long-term stay.

hotel alternative

All holiday apartments in Miami are a great alternative to the hostal options and the hotel room accommodation. The apartment hotels in Miami are suitable Miami apartments for the individual tourist, the group traveller, and the business traveller and for a family with children. All apartments in Miami are situated in the centre, near every museum, attraction, place of interest, or public transport stops that one could think of. The apartments Miami are also good for daily rental, weekly rental or monthly rental, so that one can make an online reservation depending on the period of one’s visit, business trip or a family vacation.

Miami holiday apartments

The Miami vacation rentals have many positive aspects and their city centre location is just one of them. Besides being cheap and easy to book online, the short-term apartment to rent comes fully equiped and furnished with various kitchen facilities. Thus a family holiday could turn out to be just wonderful, if you have your own kitchen where you could prepare a tasty breakfast or cup of hot coffee and are not restricted by the hotel breakfast hours. Moreover, the temporary apartments have more living space, which secures enough privacy and comfort to all the people that will stay in the apartment in Miami. Each Miami holiday apartment or business apartment Miami is arranged in such a way as to offer enough cosiness, a nice lounge area in front of the TV set, a perfectly organised and equipped bathroom and a peaceful bedroom or bedrooms, if the Miami apartment is of a larger size.

Miami apartment rentals

Here we should also mention that the vacation rentals presented have been very carefully selected and are situated in the Miami city centre. This allows the people on holiday to be close to all those places of interest that they might want to visit, the nicest restaurants, the cosy cafes, the busy pubs and dance clubs. By booking a holiday apartment in Miami, the traveller gets the chance to come home at night without disturbing the people at the reception desk and could sleep as long as one wants in the morning without worries about where to have one’s breakfast or where to drink a cup of coffee and get fresh and ready for the day.

cheap apartment in Miami online

By booking an apartment in Miami, the traveller gets the chance to enjoy an affordable rental in Miami. The apartments to rent not only come at a reasonable price. The short-term rental in Miami is also very easy to arrange, as there is an online booking system that is secure to use. What one should do is to find the flat in Miami that one likes most and that corresponds to one’s needs. The Miami cheap apartments could be secured in a very fast way and the rent to be paid as required. Whichever of the rental flats one decides to go with, in the end the traveller will be happy with that special apartment in Miami one has chosen.

All Miami apartments are available for online booking for the convenience of the travelers and direct reservation.

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