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Privacy Policy
We store the information you fill out when making a reservation (name and contact details and your card number).
We use this information to process your reservation and to offer you future discounts on our accommodation. We will e-mail you a survey after you return home to check your satisfaction with your stay.
Your card number is encrypted and cannot be stolen by computer hackers. The card numbers cannot be read without the electronic key to decrypt them. For security reasons, even our staff can view only one card number at a time. Your card number is not ever given out to third parties under any circumstances.
Your email will be given to a third party landlord if he needs to contact you regarding your stay. We never share the e-mail information of our clients with anyone else. Your e-mail will not end up on mailing lists.
If you have any concerns we would be happy to apply extra measures for your particular case. Please just let us know what information you wish to be deleted after your stay is complete and we will remove it.

Cookie policy

The purpose of collecting cookies it to enhance your experience on the site. We store information to determine the language and currency you prefer to use, information about your previous searches to allow us to show you items from your search history, referring ID from affiliates to determine if we owe money to a partner who referred you to us. We also store a unique number to determine your visitor identification and a session number which is unique each time you visit the site.
Your information is safe when doing business with ApartmentsApart.
We use strong encryption to safeguard cardholders data during purchase process

We are PCI DSS Compliant