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Terms and conditions

Scope of service

Our site offers the service of online reservation of apartments. We process your orders and present you with the selected property for the period that you have requested in your initial request. For this service we charge you a fee based on the number of nights spent in the accommodation and its size. Certain additional fees may apply.


We do not use illegal cookies on your computer, do not track you or in any way manipulate your software, so any client booking through us can be sure that their information is well protected and will not be disclosed to third parties. For more information refer to our privacy policy.

Pricing and payment

Apartmentsapart works with multiple property providers with various conditions of payment. Payment conditions will be clearly displayed during the booking process.


We do accept cancellations but the cancellation policy may vary from property to property, so we do advise you to read thoroughly the cancellation policy on each property, before you make your reservation.