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Are you a travel agent? Or a travel website operator?
Or do you simply have travel customers who need accommodation?
If you are, we’d like to speak to you.
But would you want to speak with us? We hope so. Here’s why you might want to:
We’ll offer you commissions far superior to what the big systems pay.
Most of the world’s accommodation can be booked through the well known systems but the travel agent earns only a small percentage of the sale, typically 3 to 7% of the total price of the accommodation booked. We can offer you 7% to 15% of bookings made for our own accommodation, depending on the volume of sales you make with us. Don’t worry, we’ll indicate for you which accommodation is ours.

We’ll even let you put your fees on top of our prices. If you want to earn more, you can simply raise the price to the client.

We can do this because there is no middleman. Instead of sharing the commission with a booking system, you will keep all the commission. Do a little legwork and you can double or triple your commissions. Isn’t it worth it?
An interesting and truly different product.
Here’s the best part. You don’t have to persuade your customer to buy a substandard product. Apartmentsapart offers a wide variety of apartment accommodations catering to various needs. From economy studio flats to well equipped business suites, we offer them all. In many cases an apartment is genuinely the best option.
Multiple market segments
We offer a diverse product range too. From stag groups through couples on a romantic weekend and family holidays, to group stays for business people attending conferences, we provide suitable apartments.
Flexible stay duration
Got longer term customers? No problem. We often make special discounts to make extended stay pricing attractive, especially during low season.
Many ways to help you sell
How do you sell to your customers?

Face to face? No problem. We have a special website for travel agents so you can show the accommodation with YOUR prices. We calculate it in real time so the client sees the prices with your chosen margin built in

Via the web on your own website? We can offer access to our system so you can display our properties with real time pricing and availability on your own website. Didn’t know there was an apartments company offering this? Think again.

Maybe you just want a banner and for the customer to buy on our website? No problem. We can supply those too.
Real time statistics
There is no need to trust us either. Log into our system via your web browser at any time and see how many sales you made and how much we owe you. Make a test booking at any time and you’ll see it in the panel. Don’t forget to cancel it though!
By now you should be interested if you are a serious player. How many good ideas never happen because of procrastination?
Delay no further, and contact us now, and start earning money right away.